I’m at that awkward age where half my friends are engaged or having babies, and the other half are too drunk to find their phones.

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Sometimes I think to myself, “do I really want to buy another chocolate bar?”
And then I remember that there is a super volcano under Yellowstone that is 40,000 years overdue and when it erupts it could potentially cover most of north America in ash and create a volcanic winter that kills half the worlds population
And I’m like, fuck yeah I want that chocolate bar

This is one of the most inspiring posts i’ve ever seen

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Filming of the Pilot (&)

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complete strangers and then 3 episodes in we get this

You can not imagine what this post makes me feel))


theres nothing worse than when somebody else makes you doubt yourself, like if youre really excited about a specific kind of haircut you wanna get and then they make comments about how it wouldnt look good on you or that they hate that particular kind of haircut as if their opinion overrides yours. it always bothers me when people do that, if somebody is happy let them be happy. be happy with them. dont force in your opinion and take away their joy

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my transformation into a bitter angry old woman is almost complete

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A dying friend once told me, ‘I wish I hadn’t spent so many Mondays wishing it were Friday. I also wish I had made better use of those Fridays, for better stories on Monday.’
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I interrupt your scrolling with a picture of John Barrowman with puppies!


I interrupt your scrolling with a picture of John Barrowman with puppies!

If I’m not with somebody who really excites or inspires me, then I’d rather be by myself.
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